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UPRIGHT Twins - FCS tab

Twins & 2+1 Fins

Twin Fins, 2+1 and indervidual side fins available for all types of surfboards, surfers and wave types. Hand foiled, solid glass perfected templates available here.

UPRIGHT Twins - FCS tab


UPRIGHT Twins - FCS tab


Welcoming the UPRIGHT twins to the twin fin range.

These are the ideal all-round template, with familiar characteristics to the classic MR's but slightly shortened and widened to accomodate more boards and surfers in all conditions.

With more "performance" based twin fins on the market we want to offer a fin that can deliver old style feel with new age performance.

- Flat inside foil.
- Medium-soft front edge
- Available in FCS and Futures
- Mustard yellow inside foil and cream outer.

HEIGHT - 155mm
BASE - 138mm


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