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Twins & 2+1 Fins

Twin Fins, 2+1 and indervidual side fins available for all types of surfboards, surfers and wave types. Hand foiled, solid glass perfected templates available here.

SUTRA Flex Twin Fins


SUTRA Flex Twin Fins


Introducing the new SUTRA flex twin. 

These are the most lively and responsive twin fins we have ever made!
They are best suited to smaller or weaker conditions where you need extra help generating speed.. but in the right board, they can be really enjoyed in larger waves. 

We recommend the Sutra's on any small wave twin fin shape. Special mention to pintail twin fins, where we have tested them in some quality waves around the 4 foot + range and LOVED the response and speed espesially in and around hollow/tube sections (or springing of the flats after a late drop or long fade!)

- Flat inside foil.
- Medium front edge
- Available in FCS and Futures
- Burt Orange inside foil and cream outer.

BASE - 130mm
HEIGHT - 153mm

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