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Single Fin Surfboards for Sale at the Best Price

A refined selection of purposeful designs for 5-7 foot single fin surfboards. Including fins by Neal Purchase Jnr and Beau Young.





After consistent feed back about this fin working so well as a single fin, we have finally broken it away from its little side companions and is now also offered as a single fin.

This is the centre fin from the 2+1 set developed with our very favourite human Mr Beau Young. The Wombat template was designed by Beau for his original "Wombat" surfboard model but it's versatility in a wide range of boards is endless both as a single fin or with the sides.

As a single fin it will have a really balanced feel in all wave types, it’s got drive, hold and a good little flex for spring when the waves go dead.

- 6.5"
- Use in a huge range of boards from 5-7 foot.

Available as a set, single centre fin or just the sides

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