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Single Fin Surfboards for Sale at the Best Price

A refined selection of purposeful designs for 5-7 foot single fin surfboards. Including fins by Neal Purchase Jnr and Beau Young.


bonzer dusty pink for web.jpg
bonzer dusty pink for web.jpg
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Welcoming El Bonz 6.5" to the range!! This is a new template designed for use as a small centre in 2+1 or bonzer set ups or stand alone single in small single fins. We researched many old and new bonzer templates and shared ideas and designs with surfers and shapers before locking in this design. 


It’s a driving fin with plenty of manoeuvrability due to its short rake and offers control and drive with its wider base and water breaking front edge. All TSM Bonzer fins are machine cut and hand finished here in Australia for the perfect result every time. Each fin also comes in a handmade corduroy case. 

- 6.5" centre fin
- Use in 5 or 3 fin Bonzer Setups
- Use in a huge range of boards from 5-8 foot
- Use as a single fin on its own in smaller boards (5-7 foot)


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