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Nose Riders

The Merchants selection of nose rider and logging fins are measured in quality - over quantity. The range encompasses the essence of log riding, using research of the past, experimentation of the present and the imagination for the future.

Like all Merchant rudders, the Log Fin selection has been given the nod of approval by some the finest loggers on the planet in a wide range of conditions and boards. 

10" D-FIN

sold out

10" D-FIN


In the early 1960’s the clunky D fins of the last decade were starting to become refined in an attempt to find more radical performance. The Salty Merchants 61 Dee is a salute to this time, incorporating our favourite elements of traditional dee fins with some modern understanding of foil dynamics including; a medium-full front edge and slight but constant curve through to the trailing edge.

The cut away at the back allows the fin to be pushed even further back than the fin box, this fits with the traditional placement of the dee fin, which in some cases could even be found with its tip far beyond the end of the board. We recommend it between 2 and 4 inches from the tail if possible.

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