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Nose Riders

The Merchants selection of nose rider and logging fins are measured in quality - over quantity. The range encompasses the essence of log riding, using research of the past, experimentation of the present and the imagination for the future.

Like all Merchant rudders, the Log Fin selection has been given the nod of approval by some the finest loggers on the planet in a wide range of conditions and boards. 


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Legend of the log scene, shaper and musician, Beau Young collaborates his knowledge of design and surfboard riding in this cosmic sunlight teaser!

Beau Young is standing on a hill in Coolangatta, giddy at the site of some new foils.. 
He begins to hallucinate, he see's double, colours are heightened and there is patterns in the sky!
Everything is becoming clear.. especially his new colab template with the Salty Merchants!

The tried and trusted template was refined into a perfect balanced using his favourite outlines from over the years. From as far back to boards of his father, to shapes of his own its without doubt, the talent and history of this great man is reflected in his surfing and equipment. This is the Beau Young, 10.75" all round log fin. Pure joy and unlimited self expression in any craft.


How does it ride?

The upright ERECTNESS and wide based nature of this outline combines a well balanced drive (base) with a pinpoint pivot that will nurture you into a graceful drop knee, slinky, wild cutback or jive before you trip to the tip. There you can experience and experiment without fault or failure knowing the rudder is well and truly balanced . The tip flex is firm and considerate allowing you to feel free yet completely in control! 

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