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Flex Fins

- For Logs, Mid lengths, Vee Bottoms and Hulls from 8" and Above -

Experience the wyld joys of your inner most limits! Explosive, sporadic expression driven by your mind - foot - tail - FLEX FIN! All crafted out of the worlds finest materials available, to give you a sharp, responsive flex. No buttery tips, hangups or flip outs kids! These are the worlds wyldest fins.





Pre Order and Receive FEB 15th!

Wyld, on edge performance - Introducing, the CJ Nelson Pivot!

This amazing looking template was designed by the man himself, with focus on critical, in the pocketactivity on slightly lighter an more agile equipment.

The Salty Merchants have incorporated there integral foil with the all important thicker front edge and and highest grade materials to deliver a fin we are extremely proud of.

The CJ Pivot excels in short broken wave types, if you live and surf any small beach breaks or rocky point this fin will allow super fast and accurate manoeuvres. CJ has been riding the 11” Pivot predominately in his South Coast “Australian Slasher” and the 10” in his smaller 8 foot boards (but not limited too).

MUST SEE. CJ testing the 11” Pivot in Mexico, Jan 2015 BELOW!

  • Aussie Made!

  • 10” upright styled fin with medium width base.

  • Our most pivotal and loosest fin in the range.

  • White and clear multi layered panel.

  • Highest grade materials, hand foiled.

For Spec’s see the comparison chart below.

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Compare the CJ 10" Pivot with other flex and pivot fins from the TSM range.

Recommended positioning and board types for CJ 10" Pivot.

CJ 11" Pivot - Bigger alternative.

CJ 11" Pivot - Bigger alternative.

10" Messiah is a little less pivotal.

10" Messiah is a little less pivotal.