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About Our Umbrellas

BOUTIQUE BROLLIES. A range developed by the Salty Merchants, based off our favourite originals, built in Australia during the 1950's and 60's.

Introducing, The Worlds Finest, Hand Crafted Beach Umbrellas.

UV and water resistant. Classic designs, built to last.
Available online here!


Inspired by the days when consumer products were made once and made well!

Crafted from the highest quality materials, The Salty Merchants, Boutique Brollies are designed to last. Our attention to detail, accompanied with classic designs and timeless style place these Brollies in a league of their own.

Large and luxurious, Boutique Brollies are made with all original, custom designed components including recycled vinyl tops and marine grade aluminium hinge.
They are practical for daily beach use, yet strong and large enough to provide years of very classy shade to the pool area or back patio.


All Our Prints Are printed with the highest grade UV and weather resistant inks available.

Like the Material the prints have undergone some riged testing to make sure they will
stand the test of time and the elements.


Bakelite is an amazingly strong and good looking material. Very popular in the middle of the century before companies started cutting corners and using cheaper alternatives.

The Salty Merchants refuse to cut corners hence using the wonderful, traditional goodness of a Bakelite handle with brass thread insert



The canopy is made of recycled PVC pellets.
These pellets are made from a huge range of old
PVC’s that make for highly UV, water and mold resistant material.

We have tested our material in the heat of the Australian summer for over 100 consecutive days in the direct sun. It withstood the heat and light perfectly without any discolouration or deterioration.


Using the Salty Merchant’s custom designed moulds and finished in antique Ivory, all plastic components are made to the highest standards to reduce deterioration
from the elements.

Glass filled Nylon is one of the best composites to weather the strength of the sun (especially in Australia), rain sand and even pool chemicals.


A beautifully designed umbrella is not complete without its all important branding.
Our superior quality pole badge is cast from stainless steel and finished in Antique Silver.


This is the centrepiece and stable core of the
Boutique Brolly.
The hinge design is modeled off the original umbrellas of the 50’s and 60’s.
Its no frills and simple yet strong design leaves no room for failure and keeps the look and operation of the umbrella classy and effortless.

Designed by The Salty Merchants, the hinge is made from Australian standard marine grade aluminium.

Lach and Megan, owners of The Salty Merchants Boutique Brollies, learned the ropes to creating beautiful umbrellas from one of Australia’s last and finest umbrella makers.
While on the near impossible journey to find an Australian producer for the boutique brollies in 2011, Lach and Megs met an insightful little lady who had run and owned umbrella factories since the early 1960’s.

She unveiled to them a large collection of untouched and unused umbrellas all built in the late 70’s which they bought, sold, studied and tested. They continued to visit this master umbrella maker (now too beyond her years to build a full size beach umbrella) and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.
With this they have now set up their own production in Coolangatta, sourcing and developing components from Australia and around the world to best re-create the vibe and quality of Australia's originals!

Opening a Boutique Brolly is a trip on its own, they are strong and smooth to handle and pop into a sturdy, amazing shelter full of colour and style.

When open.
Overall Canopy Size (A): 185cm
Height (B): 210cm

When Closed
Folded in case (C): 120cm

Umbrella only: 2.9kg
Boxed and Bagged: 4.5kg

Packaging Dimensions
Single umbrella in box:
14cm x 14xm x 123cm

Pole Diameter
Aluminium (D): 28mm
Wooden (D): 30mm