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lachlan leckie

Sierra Lerback, Honolua Blomfield, Lachlan Leckie @thesaltymerchants & Eden Saul @Deadkooks
Film and Edit: Jarryd Watson @Oceanstreetcreative
Music: Dungen
Song: Sjutton

UK Store - Sea Folk Opening

lachlan leckie

The Salty Merchants UK devision is run by the gentlemen at SEA FOLK and they, in all there salty style have opened the doors to a very well presented bricks and mortar establishment in Dorset UK. If you near and get the chance, do yourself a favour. They have the best range of all our goods and plenty of other fine brands too! check em here.

V-Day Giveaway

lachlan leckie

Congratulations to..


on winning our Valentine's Day giveaway!!

Thanks so much to all who entered the comp! If you missed out and want to purchase a brolly for your valentine's love, you can purchase direct from this site - FREE SHIPPING - Depending on where you are we can still get your brolly to you in time for V-day! Happy V-day Lovers!


lachlan leckie

Nothing's more Australian than a Brolly on the beach! That's why we're giving you..


Simply Select your fav and enter the code at checkout.


Sale ends Australia Day.

Tips on the perfect brolly set up!

lachlan leckie

Tips on the perfect brolly set up! An enjoyable and informative moving picture on how to set up your brolly including how to prevent un expected wind gusts from stealing your cool!

When you purchase a Boutique Brolly, be sure to check the included instruction manual below for ideal care and set up instructions.

The Dora in the Desert

lachlan leckie

Recently we took our fav Yellow brolly to the Californian dsert to get it in some serious sun. Mostly just an excuse to get away for a Palm Springs hang we did manage to pull a delightful of myself and meg hanging round the pool. 


lachlan leckie

Kent Turkich and the nature chyld. Initiation cereal-mony. 

Kent Turkich and the nature chyld. Initiation cereal-mony. 

The Nature Chyld, Keyo Rhodes joins the Salty Merchants band of wild and wonderful wave riders!
eyo comes from the northern beaches of Sydney and is possibly possessed by the ghost of Kevin Brennan! He came to our attention while getting cosmic at the world log riding exhibition earlier in 2015 where he surfed loose and free to his own rhythm.. staying composed and complete way beyond his years. We're very jazzed to have him with us and are already working on a fin to fit. Keep an eye out for this kid!

Water shots by Spencer Edwards. Land Shots By Kent Turkich.


lachlan leckie

The Sydney "industry invitational" brunch was put on last weekend for stores and press to come take an in context look at our fine work.
Not to be confused with a party (hmm), the exhibit was held in perfect sunny conditions and drew a good crew and a lot of attention against the lush rainforest background the beautiful white sands of Manly's Shelly beach.

All who attended early were treated with wooden platter service from a bearded man and sprawled out under a brolly (thanks Mayde towels for supplying some impressive ground cover!) . Starting early the day was set to finish around mid afternoon but with a steady stream of drop ins and plenty of champagne and cold cerveza's (BIG thanks to the legends at corona for that too!) things blew out just nicely.. Extra big thanks to Robbie and Holly at Biggie Small Photography for the amazing photos (and help). We'll be doing this again!!! and hopefully next time open it up to the public.