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New CJ pivots on the scene




New CJ pivots on the scene

lachlan leckie

The New CJ Nelson Pivot fins in 10" (white/smoke) and 11" (black/smoke). Available now online.

The New CJ Nelson Pivot fins in 10" (white/smoke) and 11" (black/smoke). Available now online.

These new jems are now fully tested, approved, produced and available for purchase. The outline is another amazing design by CJ himself. They are super versatile and work especially well in logs if you want to liven up the tail and surf tighter in the pocket yet still give you plenty of steaze on the nose. This new template is our most dedicated "pivot" fin of the range.  

Above we have compared the 10" (left) and 11" (right) with other similar flex fins in the range. Besides the Beau Young 1075 the CJ pivot is the post upright fin in the range, allowing it to pivot your board off the tail quickly; Ideal for a fast re-adjustment before tripping to the nose if a section changes shape. Although not as upright as the beau, it has lest surface area and will therefor feel a little lighter with more spring. 

Both sizes will work in boards above 7' (depending on the board style and surfer) but is most suited to longboards. As with most fins, if you are a heavier or more powerful surfero r have a large/heavy board the bigger fin is usually the best option. CJ has ridden hi 10" in an 8 footer and LOVES it but as he is powerful, he surfs his logs with the 11". I rode my 9'6 Merchant ship (like the pointy longboard above ^^) with the 11" at around 5 1/2 inches as I am a lighter surfer I could even move it forward a little further so its not to stiff.. Just remember the further forward you move your fin the more drive you LOOSE, so its a balance thing. Feel free to email us for a more personal analysis. 

This is CJ testing one of the original 11" Pivots we made him while in Mexico. He really dialled it in over the 2 months he was there and we even made a few minor adjustments when he returned.