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If You're Going to do Something - Do it well.

lachlan leckie

When we began selling umbrellas a few years back, we made it our mission to do it well. So with the release of our second range; the CANVAS COLLECTION, we are proud to introduce some amazing new prints, materials and components, specifically designed by the Salty Merchants for one soul purpose - to make a beautiful, high quality beach umbrella!

Our Poly Cotton Canvas is treated in a UV and Water resistant coating that protects it from harsh elements, extending the life of the material and print. The underside of the canvas is coated with a block-out film that adds to reducing penetration of harmful UV rays as well as providing an added layer of protection for the material reducing tears and deterioration. 

Using a World Forestries certified producer of our wood poles ensures that we are providing a quality product with a conscience.
The poles are also made from off-cuts and otherwise waste timbers and uses a lamination process that also removes the use of harmful fumigation chemicals when importing and exporting. 
The finished product is not only Eco friendly but is stronger by over 30%* compared to a solid wood pole of the same size.

This summer have added a polish finish to all metal components.
This additional coating and the smooth nature of the surface protects the metals from possible corrosion and scratching. 
We have also custom designed a new handle that is easy and smooth to use, can act as a hook, as well as looks amazing!

Keeping a classic look and feel using natural, unbleached cotton trims. From the 10cm fringe, 
to bag straps all the way to the internal piping.


Our aim is to produce quality products, built once and built to last - that don't end up as junk. 
To show it, we offer a full one year replacement warranty on parts and assembly. 

Presentation is key, so all umbrellas, come dressed to impressed in a recycled carton, tasseled hangtag and canvas carry bag.



Win Some bucks and some SERIOUS CLOUT

lachlan leckie

The fine folk at have devised a nifty way to exhibit the worlds best loggers without entry fees, travel costs or limited invites.

The contest runs for 1 more month (July 18 - Sept 18). It requires contestants to submit 1 wave caught on film during this time period by uploading it to insta' and taging #1wv1fn .. The winner will be selected by some pretty big names in logging and not only gets some sea-ash but finds themselves in a Duct Tape INV. 

Judges are legit, prize is legit and so are some of the vids already up there. Join the fun and check all the details at


lachlan leckie

We know buying online can have its limitations. But! There are some things we can do here that are not always on offer in shops; Take these fin comparison charts for instance. 

These charts compare the closest fins in the Salty Merchants current range, helping you understand one performance value compared to another.
All comparisons are scaled to each other for a true representation.
They also offer detailed info and measurement on the fin.

Below these two charts we have explained some of the features in more detail and how to make use of this information.

All comparison charts are based on a main fin. In the above charts we have the DORK 3 (left) and KEYO SICKLE (right). The fin measurements are listed at the top of each, these are key when selecting the fin for specific board. Here's why;

1. Height (not including box tab). This is the "height" or "depth" of the fin, once in your board. It is the universal way fins are measured.

2. Base width (not including box tab). This is the measurement from the front to trailing (back) edge of the fin. Generally speaking the longer this width is the more drive your fin will have and often the stiffer it will be to turn.

3. Box tab length. This is the part of the fin that goes in your board. We offer this measurement to ensure the fin-box in your board is long enough to accommodate the fin. Common box sizes are 6", 8" 10" and occasionally there is 12" and 15".. Although lengths vary, all boxes are built at one of only 2 widths; USA and and Australian standard. Unfortunately the 2 are slightly different by only a hair (thanks to metric vs imperial). With the US base being the more narrow of the 2. Salty merchant fins are made to this smaller width to ensure they fit both - unless otherwise requested.

4. Total width. This is the measurement of the entire fin. Using this measurement you can find out where the fin will be on your board. Generally speaking, you don't want the tip of your fin further back than the tail of your board, or too far forward either. If your fin-box is set a long way back, you might find the total length of a fin may overhang and therefore not work like you want/your shaper intended..

5. Screw position. We place screws at either the front or the back depending on the fin. Some fins, like the D fin for example are designed to be right back on a board, therefore the tab is at the front to allow the back to go as far as possible. 


The main fin will be compared with 4 other fins on the chart. Usually set at the back, you can see the main fins outline by the dotted line. It will sit over the top allowing you to view the differences. All fins are matched at the back edge of the fin, this is the "zero point" for all fins.


Well, it depends on what you want! And for each person, board or fin you will be looking for something different. For example example. 
If you have a driving template like the 10" matte black and your finding your board tracking to much, you might want something that pivots a little easier. So now your looking for something more upright and even a little less base, looking at the comparisons, the DORK 3 would be a good option.  

Hope that helps on your search for the perfect setup. Ans also remember, if the above fails, just write us and ask!


lachlan leckie

Have to thank the Metropolist for their blog a few weeks back, naming us (the salty merchants) on of the coast best 8 online retailers. Or in their words;


The inspiration behind the Cooly-based brand, The Salty Merchants was to offer niche products and services that the corporates couldn’t or wouldn’t. What started as an alternative fin company producing high quality and authentic single and twin fins (for surfboards—not fins for your feet, duh), has slowly blossomed into other products that fit with the beach gypsy lifestyle. Their most recent addition to the range are Boutique Brollies that are made once and made to last. Classic designs with timeless style make this investment all the more worthwhile when you know it will probably last forever and protect you from the nasty hole in the ozone layer. Plus, they just look super rad on the sand—there’ll be #noregrets with this purchase, we promise you.


lachlan leckie

Mr Nelson has been at the forefront of traditional and progressive logging for a long time.. He blows minds every time he surfs and even though his career spans over 20 years he is still one of the most stoked and appreciative super grom we know. 
Heres a clip that shows just that by Cj and Justin Bowers.. On a variety of boards, waves and fins. Enjoy!


lachlan leckie

If you missed the first Myan V-Bottom Ceremony in March this year don't miss this vid. Some wild wave riding on some even more wild V-Bottoms. Its important to note the diffuclty in riding a lot of these boards and even more so in wild conditions. We supported the ceremony by supplying shade with some BOUTIQUE BROLLIES and there were also a lot of MERCHANTS rudders in boards! Check the full cut-up artice in the laterst Foam Symmetry Mag too!

Basking in the Basque.

lachlan leckie

Work is not to bad.. We are collecting ideas and ideals for the benefit of future Merchant goods at the moment..

Took the afternoon to digest all the inspiring things we have seen and found in France and the Spain. Had this diving jetty into the sea, all to ourselves. Drinking, diving, swimming and smiling!