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Palette Cleansing




Palette Cleansing

lachlan leckie

They are our favorites and they’re now available in NEW colours!

 Introducing the new 2017 ‘Palette Range’. Made from pigments and tints mixed in the backyard of the koolangatta headquarters we have now decided it’s time to offer our fin range in a bunch of new and exciting colours, whilst keeping some of that classic TSM class under your glass including mint, dusty pink, mustard and classic clear and good ol' 8oz volan!

Whilst our original colour-ways for all our favourites will continue (expect new stock to be finished throughout June-July) we have started with our current best sellers, the Cuts Doloro Dork 3 in a classic clear and dusty pink and the Beau Young 10.75", in Mustard with white logos. We will be releasing more as they are made including the 10.25 Messiah & 8.5 Lady Violet Auras and the Keyo 11 Finger fin.

So now if you’re someone that likes some flavour in your fins or you're someone who keeps it classic, our 2017 range has you covered.

Check the online store for the new colours available today or get yourself jazzed about our new range coming soon.