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Jack and Kobi Rainbow




Jack and Kobi Rainbow

lachlan leckie

Im always hearing peoples dreams of self sufficient living, on a farm, with a large edible garden and an old shed.. Obviously one of those dreamers is me. But there are some beautiful people out there that live just like that, two of them are our good friends Jack and Kobes. We recently visited them on their Northern NSW farm for a birthday a few weeks back, and after an amazing little party we woke up to see just how wonderful the simple life really is.

We got lost getting here, somehow we worked our way into a warren of dirt tracks and found ourselves in the middle of a nearby cucumber farm, trying to explain ourselves to some old farmer for driving through his fields.. Maybe if we hadn't surfed till it got dark we'd have had a better chance (although that's half the fun and a small problem i'll just always have to live with).. In the end you find your way back, down a one way road, across a little creek and up a long dirt driveway.. All the way to the house of Jack and Kobi Rainbow.

House? More of a home. One comprised of some wonderful creativity and an open mind.  They have owned a cute little caravan with kitchen and bed for some years and now have it parked next to an old tin shed with wood floors and turkish rug, that they use to lounge and play music. Outside in various corners of the garden is the amenities, an outdoor shower and a toilet, and backing on to the bush is the kitchen sink.

We parked the old van in the middle of it and stayed the night. In the morning we woke up to rows of sunflowers and strawberry bushes and the sound of a few early risers cleaning up from the party. There was some misty rain around in the morning so we put up a few brollies outside the back door and hung our feet off the bed and took it all in. We drank hot java, ate wood-fired waffles and took a few snaps.

Eventually we had to face the fact the bubble will need to be popped and we'll need to pack ourselves up and move on.. But, 2 weeks have passed and I'm not sure I have moved on.. Now Im pretty sure, somewhere out there, something like this is waiting to become the new Salty Merchants space. Fingers crossed.