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lachlan leckie

The Sydney "industry invitational" brunch was put on last weekend for stores and press to come take an in context look at our fine work.
Not to be confused with a party (hmm), the exhibit was held in perfect sunny conditions and drew a good crew and a lot of attention against the lush rainforest background the beautiful white sands of Manly's Shelly beach.

All who attended early were treated with wooden platter service from a bearded man and sprawled out under a brolly (thanks Mayde towels for supplying some impressive ground cover!) . Starting early the day was set to finish around mid afternoon but with a steady stream of drop ins and plenty of champagne and cold cerveza's (BIG thanks to the legends at corona for that too!) things blew out just nicely.. Extra big thanks to Robbie and Holly at Biggie Small Photography for the amazing photos (and help). We'll be doing this again!!! and hopefully next time open it up to the public.