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lachlan leckie

After returning from a wyld week experimenting in the western desert the messiah returns to the boom-town to deliver the news of his enlightening new surf board rudder. Interviewer Kent Turkich tries to find some answers on the Messiah's new buzz but his mynd is back in the western deserts hallucination bay.  

Earthquakes storms and great fires all-around and dinosaurs reliving ancient domination and small purple people coming out of the caves with penny whistle lips and soapy executives tumbling down the diamond mynd pink blood spurting-out on the face of arthritic arthropod company executives growth cities and that’s all well and sick and out of this cometh THE MESSIAH AURA FIN to saviour.

The Salty Merchants Messiah Aura fin was developed with Mark Matisons by combining attributes of the Sock Jam and 10.5” Matte Black templates to make an agile/responsive fin while retaining forward projection for surfing short, shifty and often marginal beach breaks around city beaches.

Footage by Dean Darby. Editing by Lachlan Leckie. Song ‘Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest’ by the Babe Rainbow. Words and interview by Kent Turkich.