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Using the Guides to select a fin.




Using the Guides to select a fin.

lachlan leckie

Welcome to our new site, we've spent some time adding (what we think to be) important information that will help you in selecting the correct fin for your craft.

On any fin page, you will find 2 posters, a fin comparison chart and a fin placement guide.

Heres what they mean.


A disadvantage to buying online is of course being unable to feel and match one fin to another. We have overlaid each fin with its rivals to help give you an idea of size and overall shape. In most cases fins are aligned by trailing edge and are only compared against other fins of similar characteristics.

The main fin is usually behind the one being compared and a dotted line will indicate the shape when covered by the fin in front (see below). You can use this to tell if one fin has a bigger base or longer rake and dial in exactly what you need.

Also on this page is the fins full specs in both millimetres and inches. Use this to be sure it will fin in you fin box or not as well as to compare against other fins.


The placement guide gives you an idea of what craft and positions work best with a particular fin. It's to be used with an open mind, as there are no restrictions on what fin goes in what board or where, but; We have developed most of these fins for curtain boards, waves and surfing styles and throughout the process have gained a pretty good idea on what goes best in what and where.. We also encourage experimentation and feedback, so if theres something your loving thats different to your recommendations, we'd love to know.

Heres an example; the top information is the board type and its compatibility, usually the board on either end is moving away from ideal and the middle to are the best style of equipment. NOTE: The board picture is an example only (so don't be discouraged if your board is not a pintail or diamond etc).
Below the board is the placement, the measurement given here is in inches and is measured from the very back edge to the trailing edge of the fin.